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Is a new and lively experience offered in London Bridge. We bring a fusion of creativeness of dishes made with the highest quality of Italian ingredients and a live Opera show for those lovers of this fine music. A place where magic it’s created by combining exquisite food and delicate music that brings a spark of joy and happiness to our dearly clientele.


Opera and Naples have a very long standing relationship. In fact, the Theatre di San Carlo is one of the oldest and continuously active opera venues in the world, having opened in 1737-decades before La Scala in Milan and La Fenice in Venice. For almost a century Naples was very much the world's capital of music, and the best international composers set their sights on being performed there. We can also observe how the love affair between Naples and its food comes from long time ago; the roots of Neapolitan cuisine can be traced all the way back to the Greco-Roman period between 300BC and 400AD. The culture and traditions of the Campania region, their dishes and their rural ingredients such as pasta, vegetables, cheese and seafood have been passed over generations and  Captured in time beneath the volcanic dust of Pompeii spectacular mosaics revealing the sophisticated passion for food.



Given the excellent reputation of Italian cuisine Ciro Costagliola comes from this great tradition of food. With a successful and prolific catering career in Italy Ciro began bringing his exuberant of delights to London for a cosmopolitan clientele found in the famous area of London Bridge. His catering background in Naples has giving him a passion and love for the beauty of the Italian flavours and a magnificent taste in music. With the support of an exceptionally skilled team of dedicated chefs, we proud ourselves in the creation of remarkably dishes made with the finest ingredients to offer the customer an explosion of flavour in their mouths. With a selection of a full range of meats, cheeses and wines, a wide selection of mouth-watering pasta dishes and home-made desserts, we offer a complete experience of Italy.





We compromise to give you the experience of all time. With a wide variety of dishes from Italy, a creation of plates with the finest ingredients, a supreme customer service and a live show every Friday of opera, we promise a supreme experience of greatness and joy. We invite you to come and be part of the sophisticated clientele that makes Flavour of Naples the Italian restaurant that everyone it’s talking about.

Book your table with us and let us take you through a whole new Italy experience never seen in London.


(+44) 20 7407 5454 | 299 Borough High Street London | SE1 1JG